What is Strategic Change?

Developing the Capability for Strategic Change

While expanding operations and sharing information is easier today, the same cannot be said for developing strategies. Externally, markets are changing fast; internally, simply issuing instructions will not bring about change. Creating a new product, service or supply-chain today typically means building and managing a complex network of external partners, not just the internal organisation. Developing the capability for strategic change is critical to success.

How Do We Enable Strategic Change?

Many capabilities are required to enable strategic change - even large organisations struggle. We catalyse strategic change by using powerful tools, 'joining-up' all the necessary elements, and involving people effectively in co-creating new approaches.

The key elements include

  • Understanding, articulating and learning lessons from current operations
  • Bringing external foresight to bear on strategic thinking
  • Gaining buy-in from external stakeholders
  • Using Capability Analysis to inspire the identification of future opportunities
  • Co-creating goals, options and strategies
  • Analysing and validating proposals
  • Translating strategies into well-specified, properly-resourced programmes
  • Engaging internal stakeholders in implementation
  • Embedding strategies into organisational routines
  • Providing practical toolkits and performance scorecards which make strategy 'real'
  • Reviewing and adapting strategies in the light of experience and emerging challenges,
  • Making strategy a ‘living’ as opposed to a ‘planning’ process.


Our distinctiveness comes from our fusion of Knowledge, Facilitation Services, a Practical Toolkit, and Supporting Technology. Our services are relevant equally to global companies, public bodies and cross-sector groups. Whatever the level of intervention, and the type of organisation, we always combine internal and external perspectives - 'how we see the world' and 'how the world sees us'. We deliver strategic change through partnership - we provide powerful tools and the client focuses on key decisions.