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We use tools which avoid the three notorious 'chasms' that cause strategies to fail. The chasms are between:

  • Formulating a radical transformational strategy - but not then following it through with a change programme to make it 'stick'
  • Revising a strategy - without then translating it into adjusted operational plans and budgets
  • 'Pushing' strategy internally, driven by current capabilities and past successes - rather than 'pulling' strategy externally, driven by market changes and views of trends

We describe our most powerful services for enabling strategic change below.

Successful strategies bridge difficult chasms!

Capability Analysis and Development

Organisations need to understand not only their current capabilities but also those they will need for future success. This applies equally whether they are downsizing or expanding. While everyone in an organisation has their own view of its capabilities, this can only be part of a bigger picture. The challenge is to build an objective, collective understanding of current and desired future capabilities for the organisation as a whole.


Our approach to Capability Analysis and Development is powerful because it:

  • Effectively engages people - harnessing knowledge and achieving buy-in
  • Gets the level of detail right – avoiding the traps of being too high-level or getting bogged-down
  • Clearly distinguishes basic as opposed to differentiating capabilities
  • Clearly distinguishes the organisational capabilities which have evolved to date from those required for future success
  • Considers which capabilities should be built up internally, and which should be outsourced
  • Uses decision trees to guide the selection of options for external sourcing of capabilities
  • Is applicable to all kinds of capability in all kinds of organisation


Our approach to Roadmapping combines: stakeholder engagement; Brain-Pool Workshops; experience in catalysing structures and capabilities for networking; and broad experience in strategy work. We have successfully used our Roadmapping approach to develop Roadmaps, innovation programmes, and research strategies for public bodies, global companies and diverse networks.

Brain-Pool Workshops

Our workshops contrast sharply with the traditional mix of ‘talking heads, flip charts and sticky notes’. Our use of networked laptops enables collaborative sharing and building of ideas. Everyone gets to contribute their views - anonymously. The Workshops are highly productive and capture all contributions. Our distillation and assessment techniques deliver clear outcomes for later refinement. Our service covers design, facilitation, analysis and reporting.

Engaging Stakeholders

We promote purposeful engagement both within and between organisations to develop new knowledge and forge collaboration. We focus on ‘learning’ rather than ‘persuasion’, recognising that dialogue benefits those leading engagement, as well as those being engaged. Applications include: developing innovation strategies; building internal networks for global companies; developing roadmaps for lean manufacturing; and learning lessons from product development.