How can we help?

We have successfully deployed our approach for collaborative Roadmapping with diverse organisations, including Knowledge Transfer Networks. We typically bring people together from industry, academia and public bodies to co-create Roadmaps. We work jointly with our sponsors at each stage; the centrepiece is usually a Brain-Pool Workshop, but the co-creation process involves much more:

  • Involving sector experts, often nominated by the sponsors, as knowledgable advisers to the team.
  • Asking participants to undertake pre-work to improve productivity in the workshop itself (e.g. by listing relevant drivers and outcomes and seeking suggestions for amendments and additions).
  • Developing 'future visions' to help participants 'get into the right timeframe' and consider outcomes.
  • Ensuring common understanding of key concepts - essential for successful group working.
  • Providing a varied workshop programme of presentations, group discussions, and individual working.
  • Using special technology to capture, share and build on individual contributions (everyone is provided with a mini-laptop, linked by a wireless network, to enter and review typed-in contributions).
  • Through a staged process, generating ideas, building on these, and assessing them.
  • Producing a 'Verbatim Report' which includes all the raw contributions made by participants. This provides a coherent record of the proceedings and demonstrates transparency.
  • Producing a 'Synthesis Report' which summarises the objectives and process, sets out the draft Roadmap itself, and adds our independent recommendations. The Report provides the sponsors with a powerful tool for decision-making and for securing lasting value from the process.
  • Acting throughout as independent catalysts, ensuring that the participants take the lead in shaping the draft Roadmap for the sponsors to review and finalise.
  • Kick-starting practical implementation through the process - by promoting knowledge-sharing and networking.
  • Equipping the sponsors with the tools needed to revise and develop the Roadmap to meet changing needs in its lifetime.

What's distinctive about our approach?

 Effective engagement is a key ingredient. Failure to engage stakeholders, whether internal or external, characterises many 'change initiatives'. By bring the right people together to co-create the Roadmap, building strong ownership based on a shared vision. It is not only the resulting Roadmap which is shared but also the will and actions to take it forward. The success of this approach is demonstrated by the enduring networks kick-started by our earlier Roadmapping engagements.


Alongside the strategic roadmap itself, we typically develop other tools which our clients can use into the future to implement them. For example, we have developed tools for identifying, specifying, assessing and prioritising new products and services, and pathway tools for the systematic translation of innovations into marketed products. Our pathway tools cover all the stages, from concept through to product, taking into account the requirements of testing, manufacture, regulatory approval, financing and business models.


Our use of Brain-Pool Workshiops for Roadmapping is also distinctive. Ideas are not only captured - as they would be, say, on 'sticky notes' - but also developed through successive rounds of review by the participants. Anyone can read a contribution made by anyone else, and offer positive builds or critical comments; by capturing these we create a 'snowball of learning' built on the original idea. Our analysts then group contributions together under emerging themes, to further concentrate discussion. The end result is a powerful set of well-articulated ideas developed through several rounds of deliberation.


As a team we bring significant capabilities and experience in strategy work, from senior roles in diverse fields. Our independence provides a valuable external view, whether the focus is on new products, services, processes, or business models. We offer a powerful consultancy combination based on experience in enabling strategic change, and in catalysing structures and capabilities for effective networking.