Mastering Innovation

Our Services and Capabilities

  • Providing people from varied functions and organisations with the mindset, tools and skills to 'master' innovation
  • Catalysing innovation - within and between sectors, clusters, organisations, and teams
  • Developing 'Structured Networks for Innovation' - both within and between organisations
  • Catalysing co-creation of innovations - reflecting emerging 'market pull' and 'technology push'
  • Tackling complex areas of technology, policy and practice where there is uncertainty - areas often targeted by Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTNs) and 'Innovation Platforms'
  • Accelerating development of new product concepts and service offerings
  • Developing 'Innovation Pathway' tools to help realise and commercialise innovations
  • Providing toolkits, mentoring and training for collaboration and innovation
  • Catalysing engagement with stakeholders in areas of uncertainty about innovation

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