How can we help?

We provide innovative thinking and practical tools for productive stakeholder consultation and engagement.We ensure clarity about why, when, how, and with whom to engage, aiming not for 'volume' but to target influential people with something to offer. We stress 'learning' rather than 'persuasion' - as those leading engagement, and those targeted by it, both gain through mutual understanding and dialogue.

Engaging stakeholders effectively requires imaginative approaches. Showpiece events, so long as they do not simply entail sitting and listening passively, have a role; but much greater value can be created by getting people actively involved in collaborative problem-solving exercises and active deliberation.

Our independence ensures that the engagement process is totally impartial - and seen to be so. This avoids any suspicion that participants will be led to reach predetermined conclusions 'imposed' by the sponsors.


Our tools and training equip individuals with appropriate skills. Our practical approach leads to better experiences - and outcomes - for sponsors and participants alike. For example:

  • Pre-project strategic planning: we use a framework which ensures clarity about who to engage, why, how and when.
  • Stakeholder mapping: rather than involve 'everyone', we target those with real influence and a real contribution to make to the project, using relevant databases (e.g. viewing 'academics' as resources, thought leaders or customers as appropriate).
  • Structured interviews and surveys: we design, run and analyse surveys - face-to-face, and via teleconferences and the web.
  • Using new media: guiding the innovative use of new and emerging media for consultation and engagement.
  • Creating Networks: we go beyond 'one-off exercises' to create living Networks within and/or between organisations.
  • Brain-Pool Workshops: we mix presentations, discussion, and creative work in our structured Workshops to enable intense deliberation. We often use special laptops, linked by a wireless network, to input contributions and to review, build on, and assess them collaboratively. Brain-Pool Workshops go far beyond simply consulting people and recording established views. The focus is much more on co-creating new knowledge, finding solutions to challenges, and developing collaborative action plans.
  • Distance Brain-Pool: as an alternative (or complement) to face-to-face events, we offer virtual Workshops to facilitate collaboration between widely-dispersed individuals.
  • Our 'Distil and Deliver' service provides intelligent analysis and distillation of the outputs of stakeholder workshops - creating a Synthesis report which provides an effective basis for action.
  • Mentoring and training: we equip individuals with the skills needed for effective consultation and engagement, using our tools for building Networking Capability.
  • Programme management: we design and manage entire programme - whether for one event, theme or organisation, or many.