Roadmapping Case Studies


We have used our Roadmapping approach to support global businesses, trade associations and diverse cross-sector partnerships in developing Roadmaps which encompass current and future research, innovation, new industries, or new sectors.

Roadmapping for Knowledge Transfer Networks


We have been working with Knowledge Transfer Networks - and their predecessors, the Faraday Partnerships - for several years. All these networks are focused on commercialising research to bring diverse benefits. The Brain-Pool Workshops provided for four Networks have enabled stakeholders to share knowledge, build networks, develop Roadmaps and set priorities for future innovation through research:

  • Digital Systems KTN: the Scalable Computing community of this KTN aims to stimulate the market adoption of grid computing to increase UK competitiveness. We brought together 25 participants to co-create a Roadmap for Grid Computing.
Scalable Computing.pdf
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  • Biosciences KTN: 'Genesis', now part of this KTN, works to improve co-ordination of genetics and genomics to improve livestock breeding and animal health. We led a Brain-Pool Workshop to co-create a Roadmap and kick-start stakeholder collaboration. See our Workshop Guide, Verbatim Workshop Report and Synthesis Workshop Report.
Workshop Guide.pdf
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Verbatin Workshop Report.pdf
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Synthesis Workshop Report.pdf
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  • Chemistry Innovation KTN: 'Insight', now part of this KTN, focuses on applications for High Throughput Technology (HTT) in new products and processes. Our Brain-Pool Workshop enabled representatives from academia and 50 companies to co-create a Roadmap which provides a 'big-picture' view of the economic impact of HTT and defines strategic actions to optimise exploitation.
Insight Roadmap.pdf
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  • Chemistry Innovation KTN: 'IMPACT', now part of this KTN, supports the development of innovative materials and new products using colloid technology. This has applications in agrochemicals, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and soaps. We brought 60 participants from industry and academia together to co-create the technology Roadmap for Colloid and Interface Science.
Impact Roadmap.pdf
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Other Roadmapping Case Studies

Roadmapping for the UK Pharmacy Sector

We supported the Company Chemists' Association (CCA) in developing an industry-led collaborative Roadmap for ‘Future Pharmacy’ in the UK. Our Brain-Pool Workshop brought 28 sector leaders together to co-create a strategic Roadmap. This systematically designed new services to respond to demands on the sector to play a greatly-extended role in healthcare provision. Practical implementation plans were also developed.

Future Pharmacy.pdf
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Roadmapping for the Regenerative Medicine Industry

We are supporting the Scottish Stem Cell Network, and partners, in developing a 'Therapy Realisation Pathway Tool'. This will enable researchers and companies to plan the commercialisation of new regenerative medicine therapies in Scotland. The project is being funded by the Technology Strategy Board, Scottish Enterprise and BioQuarter. It builds on our earlier support, described in this case study, which brought 20 senior figures together in a Brain-Pool Workshop to co-create a strategic Roadmap for the industry.

Regenerative Medicine.pdf
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Roadmapping for Aquaculture in Europe

We supported the pan-European Aquagenome Network in developing a collaborative Roadmap to strengthen European Aquaculture through the application of genetics and genomics. Our Brain-Pool Workshop brought together 29 participants from academia and the aquaculture industry, from 12 different countries, to determine how best to exploit both existing and new technologies in this area.

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Roadmapping for 'Lean Manufacturing'

We supported our sponsor, a global bioscience company, in developing a Roadmap to secure productivity improvements through 'Lean Manufacturing'. We brought staff together from across the business in a Brain-Pool Workshop to share good practice and, armed with new insights into the theory and practice of Lean Manufacturing, to translate this into formal roadmaps for production sites in Europe and America.

Lean Manufacturing.pdf
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Roadmapping for the Agri-Food sector

We supported work to develop 'Innovation Programmes' for the Agri-Food sector in Northern Ireland. Through facilitated discussions, we helped a Leadership Group develop detailed proposals. We then brought 50 senior stakeholders together in a Brain-Pool Workshop to review these and assess them against diverse criteria. The Workshop fostered a remarkable level of consensus and momentum for action. The Leadership Group's subsequent report, 'Vision Twenty:Twenty', was commended as 'comprehensive and farsighted'. It is now being taken forward through the new NI strategy 'Focus on Food', launched in June 2010.

Developing Innovation Programmes.pdf
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Roadmapping to define research priorities with stakeholders

We supported the Sustainable Farming and Food Research Priorities Group (RPG), sponsored by Defra, with six Brain-Pool Workshops to brainstorm and articulate strategic research priorities for UK Farming and Food. 200 stakeholders from 125 organisations participated. Areas covered included the impact of global drivers on farming, how to satisfy consumer aspirations for food products, and how to reduce the environmental footprint of farming. We collated some 800 research ideas from the Workshops and then distilled these down to 200 rounded ideas for further assessment and prioritisation by the RPG. The weight and quality of the evidence obtained enabled the Group, and Defra, to shift priorities significantly.

Defining Research Priorities.pdf
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Co-creating a collaborative research programme for the Meat and Livestock Commission

We worked with the devolved agencies for the red meat sector to develop a single set of research priorities to meet the industry's needs through to 2020. We provided a Brain-Pool Workshop over two days for 30 officials and industry stakeholders. Research ideas were identified, developed, distilled and assessed in response to diverse drivers - consumers, markets at home and abroad, and environmental pressures. Our Synthesis report identified several clear priorities for research and for knowledge-transfer work.