Networking Case Studies

We have supported global companies and diverse sector groups in developing Structured Networks, and Personal Networking Capabililties. The functions covered have included R&D, Manufacturing and IT. A key challenge has been helping different functional groups to work more effectively together.


These engagements have always had a clear purpose: whether developing roadmaps, sharing good practice, learning lessons, or identifying opportunities for research and innovation. The following case studies provide examples.

Structured Networks and Training to Build Networking Capability

This case study illustrates the integrated provision of services for a global biosciences company to develop Structured Networks and support this with Networking Capability Training.

Structured Networks.pdf
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Roadmapping for the Regenerative Medicine Industry

We supported the Scottish Stem Cell Network in developing an industry-led collaborative Roadmap for the Regenerative Medicine Industry in Scotland. Our Brain-Pool Workshop brought 20 senior figures together to co-create a strategic Roadmap which considers not only scientific advances but also, critically, how viable business models can be created for manufacturing, scale-up and marketing of approved products.

Regenerative Medicine.pdf
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Roadmapping for Aquaculture in Europe

We supported the pan-European Aquagenome Network in developing a collaborative Roadmap to strengthen European Aquaculture through the application of genetics and genomics. Our Brain-Pool Workshop brought together 29 participants from academia and the aquaculture industry, from 12 different countries, to determine how best to exploit both existing and new technologies in this area.

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Good Practices for Collaborative Working

We supported the UK Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and the Trade Association Forum in identifying good practices to enable better collaborative working between Trade Associations and Government bodies for policy development and implementation. 

Good practices for collaboration.pdf
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'Lessons Learned' from Product Development Projects

We used a Brain-Pool Workshop to help a global biosciences company to articulate and tackle diverse problems which had affected several projects spread across several continents. The output was a set of 'Good Practices' to tackle carefully-defined problems, together with Action Plans to implement the 'Lessons Learned'. This work led directly to our support for a major programme of work for Mastering Risk.

Lessons Learned.pdf
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