Innovation Case Studies

Here we list a selection of assignments which have contained strong elements of innovation. Our support for mastering innovation has ranged across new strategies, innovative processes, products and services, internal and external collaboration, and training and personal capability development.

Roadmapping for the Regenerative Medicine Industry

We are supporting the Scottish Stem Cell Network, and partners, in developing a 'Therapy Realisation Pathway Tool'. This will enable researchers and companies to plan the commercialisation of new regenerative medicine therapies. The project is being funded by the Technology Strategy Board, Scottish Enterprise and BioQuarter. It builds on our earlier support, described in this case study, which brought 20 senior figures together in a Brain-Pool Workshop to co-create a strategic Roadmap for the industry.

Regenerative Medicine.pdf
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Roadmapping for 'Lean Manufacturing'

We supported our sponsor, a global biosciences company, in developing a Roadmap to secure productivity improvements through 'Lean Manufacturing'. We brought staff together from across the business in a Brain-Pool Workshop to share good practice and, armed with new insights into the theory and practice of Lean Manufacturing, to translate this into formal roadmaps for production sites in Europe and America.

Lean Manufacturing.pdf
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Innovation in the Consumer Products Sector

We provided two Brain-Pool Workshops for a global Consumer products company, focusing on how to apply new technologies to household products. The Workshops explored a range of consumer environments (e.g. kitchen vs. garage) and requirements (e.g. convenience vs. perfection). We looked beyond expressed needs to discover underlying latent needs. Successive rounds of brainstorming, deliberation and assessment led to fully-articulated product concepts. The Workshops demonstrated how our deliberative approach is just as effective in delivering tangible answers as it is in investigating values and views.

Developing a Toolkit for an Innovation Advisory Service

We supported Yorkshire Forward in developing an 'Innovation Toolkit' for its 'Innovation Specialists' Service'. We defined a comprehensive inventory of tools for use by the Specialists themselves, and/or to be transferred to client companies. The Toolkit specified 47 tools. These covered making the Service effective as a unit and the first phases of services with clients: surveying/targeting; initial engagement; and broad analysis and creation of the first 'innovation strategy'. The Toolkit offered tools relevant to all stages in developing an 'innovation', from concepts through to practical realisation.

Innovation Toolkits.pdf
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Roadmapping for the Agri-Food Sector

We supported work to develop 'Innovation Programmes' for the Agri-Food sector in Northern Ireland. Through facilitated discussions, we helped a Leadership Group develop detailed proposals. We then brought 50 senior stakeholders together in a Brain-Pool Workshop to review these and assess them against diverse criteria. The Workshop fostered a remarkable level of consensus and momentum for action. The Leadership Group's subsequent report, 'Vision Twenty:Twenty', was commended as 'comprehensive and farsighted'. It is now being taken forward through the new NI strategy 'Focus on Food'.

Developing Innovation Programmes.pdf
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Structured Networks and Training to Build Networking Capability

We have helped several companies develop national and global networks, through a mix of consultancy, mentoring and training. The functions covered have included R&D, Manufacturing and IT. A key challenge has been helping different functional groups to work more effectively together, and thereby act as a true corporate capability. Our case study focuses on building networking capability and structured networks for a global biosciences company.

Structured Networks.pdf
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'Lessons Learned' from Product Development Projects

We used a Brain-Pool Workshop to help a global biosciences company to articulate and tackle diverse problems which had affected several projects spread across several continents. The output was a set of 'Good Practices' to tackle carefully-defined problems, together with Action Plans to implement the 'Lessons Learned'. This work led directly to our support for a major programme of work for Mastering Risk.

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