Engaging Stakeholders Case Studies

Effective Consultation by Government Departments and Agencies

Working with our partners, The Consultant Connection, we reviewed a sample of recent Defra consultations on legislation and policy. We identified substantial potential cost savings, and developed 20 good practices to improve efficiency and effectiveness. We showed that 'formal written consultations' are not always necessary, or proportionate. Our recommendations - for more selective use of formal consultations, greater use of alternative approaches, and the promotion of good practice - were readily accepted, and are already bringing significant administrative savings in costs and officials' time.

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Engaging Stakeholders on Strategic Priorities

We analysed and reported nine regional workshops for the Big Lottery Fund. The Workshops were delivered by Crystal Interactive, a company which specialises in designing and running large-scale consultations using interactive technology to capture inputs and votes. Our Distil and Deliver service faithfully reported the key messages provided by the Fund's 900 consultees. The sponsors commented: 'Thanks to the excellent level of stakeholder engagement and the speed and quality of reporting, we believe that the consultation programme achieved our objectives in accurately identifying emerging needs'.

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Other case-studies which illustrate how we have helped organisations work creatively with their stakeholders are listed below. These examples all involved Brain-Pool Workshops:

Developing Good Practices for Collaboration

Working with Government bodies and Trade Associations to articulate and validate 'Good practices' for better collaborative working on policy development and implementation.

Good practices for collaboration.pdf
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Developing Innovation Programmes

Co-creating and validating Innovation Programmes to deliver a Vision for the Agri-Food sector in Northern Ireland to 2020. This demonstrated the value of our partnership model of working with stakeholders.

Developing Innovation Programmes.pdf
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Creating Roadmaps

Providing Brain-Pool Workshops for Knowledge Transfer Networks to enable stakeholders to share knowledge, build networks, co-create Roadmaps and set priorities for future innovation through research.

Engaging Stakeholders to Define Research Priorities

Working with 200 stakeholders from 125 organisations in six Brain-Pool Workshops to identify strategic research priorities for UK Farming and Food. We distilled 200 cogent research proposals from 800 raw ideas, to enable priority-setting by the Sustainable Farming and Food Research Priorities Group. 

Defining Research Priorities.pdf
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Engaging the Public in Policy

Engaging the public in the debate over priorities for farming, food and the countryside. This convincingly demonstrated the value of the Brain-Pool approach in engaging citizens in policy debates.

Engaging the Public in Policy.pdf
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Consulting Industry Stakeholders

Enabling UK Trade & Investment to present proposals for strategic change to trade associations and to gain immediate feedback - and constructive ideas for tackling the concerns raised - all in only one morning.

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