Brain-Pool Workshop Case Studies


These case studies provide real examples of applications for our approach to collaborative working.

Community Engagement - Distance Brain-Pool

This case study describes a series of 12 Distance Brain-Pool Workshops to roll out a new global Policy for Community Engagement to 84 company sites in 34 countries.

Distance Brain-Pool Case-study.pdf
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Collaborative Roadmaps

Supporting Roadmaps focused on innovation in products and services, for Knowledge Transfer Networks:


Future Pharmacy.pdf
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Regenerative Medicine.pdf
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Scalable Computing.pdf
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Internal Roadmaps

Supporting global businesses in developing internal Roadmaps to: guide the development of consumer products using new technologies; develop and promote 'lean manufacturing' across production plants in different countries; and revise and extend a corporate code of business conduct for global operations.

Lean Manufacturing.pdf
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Code of Conduct.pdf
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Developing Innovation Programmes

Developing and validating Innovation Programmes to deliver a Vision for the Agri-Food sector in Northern Ireland to 2020.

Developing Innovation Programmes.pdf
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Engaging Stakeholders to Define Research Priorities

Working with 200 stakeholders from 125 organisations in six Workshops to identify strategic research priorities for UK Farming and Food. We distilled 200 cogent research proposals from the 800 suggestions which we captured, to enable subsequent priority-setting.

Defining Research Priorities.pdf
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Engaging Stakeholders on Strategic Priorities

Analysing and reporting stakeholder feedback from nine regional workshops on a proposed new strategy and funding priorities for the Big Lottery Fund. Our 'Distil and Deliver' service faithfully reported the key messages provided by the Fund's 900 consultees. The sponsors commented: 'Thanks to the excellent level of stakeholder engagement and the speed and quality of reporting, we believe that the consultation programme achieved our objectives in accurately identifying emerging needs'.

Engaging stakeholders.pdf
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Distil and Deliver.pdf
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Engaging the Public in Policy

Engaging members of the public, both young and old, in a focused debate over policy priorities for farming, food and the countryside.

Engaging the Public in Policy.pdf
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Consulting Industry Stakeholders

Enabling UK Trade & Investment to present proposals for strategic change to trade associations and to gain immediate feedback, all in only one morning.

Consulting Industry Stakeholders.pdf
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