Our Workshop package - the four key elements

Design in partnership:

Here we work with our sponsors to:

  • Focus on achieving sharply-defined outcomes
  • Ensure we udnerstand the organisational context and language
  • Develop participation, structure, content and tools
  • Check whether the aims require a real meeting and/or 'Distance Brain-Pool'


Collaborative working:

In the Workshop itself we:

  • Guide the Workshop process
  • Promote intense information-sharing by working at individual, group and plenary levels
  • Use short presentations to create shared udnerstanding of concepts and issues
  • Design and use exercises and tools, adapted from our toolkit, to meet the specific needs of the Workshop
  • Provide a hard-copy workbook to help structure contributions

Assessing ideas during the Workshop:

To develop ideas for participants to assess we:

  • Make real-time comments, questions and prompts
  • Summarise and report back key findings
  • Classify and build on contributions from participants
  • Ensure the desired outputs are being delivered
  • Feed back the summary results of Workshop assessments to participants in graphical form


Analysis, reporting and action planning:

At this stage we:

  • Deliver a Verbatin Report of proceedings almost immediately, ensuring 100% transparency
  • Provide a distilled Synthesis Report with recommendations
  • Add intelligent and practical analysis of all raw contributions
  • Deliver a Synthesis report for the sponsors for further consideration and action
  • Provide a vivid contrast with the traditional pile of flip-charts and 'sticky notes'!