Other Workshop services

Conventional Workshops

While Brain-Pool Workshops offer significant benefits over 'traditional' Workshops (especially through the use of special technology), our 'design, facilitate, analyse and report' model applies equally to conventional Workshops, especially for small groups, based around presentations, discussions, group working, and paper exercises. We have used such workshops recently with senior managers in determining 'next steps' for an ongoing programme for 'Mastering Risk', and with a Board of Directors in scoping the initial stages of a strategic change programme. Several of our larger programmes have mixed both formats.

'Distil and Deliver'

A challenge facing the organisers of most 'traditional' workshops is to make sense of large amounts of raw information on flip-charts and 'sticky notes'. These outputs need to be analysed, interpreted, and turned into a cogent report. Our 'Distil and Deliver' service removes this burden from the organisers while ensuring the highest quality of output. It involves intelligent analysis and distillation of the raw outputs to create a user-friendly, concise and meaningful Workshop Synthesis Report which provides a firm basis for action.

'Distil and Deliver' is a stand-alone service which draws on our experience with Brain-Pool Workshops. It is especially useful where organisers lack time for extensive post-Workshop analysis, yet are under pressure to demonstrate tangible outputs and outcomes, and quickly too. Our independent perspective on the outputs, as analysts and 'critical friends', can also be valuable in articulating conclusions and presenting these to decision-makers. Further information is available in our brochure.

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Pre-Workshop Surveys

Our team members are experienced in designing and riunning surveys, and in analysing their results. We often conduct surveys, usually via the internet, to provide raw inputs for Workshops. Surveys can be used to establish how opinions vary and to collect feedback on 'starter' materials (e.g. ideas on drivers, promoters, blockers, research and innovations). Surveys can also gather information on the interests and experience of participants, to help in constituting balanced break-out groups, and to ensure that different perspectives on any issue are properly represented.

Facilitation and Chairmanship

Expert facilitation is a key component of all our Workshops. Our team also offers expert chairmanship skills, gathered from experience in business, stakeholder groups, statutory advisory committees, and professional forums. Our ability to take an independent, unbiased, objective approach to any area of subject-matter is especially valuable when organisations need to bring people together to deliberate in areas of uncertainty or dispute - where views are often both diverse and strongly-held.