Brain-Pool Workshops

Our Services and Capabilities

  • Providing a facilitated structured workshop service, integrated with our other services
  • Interweaving discussion with knowledge-sharing, supported by user-friendly technology
  • Enabling co-creation through collaborative thinking and learning in a deliberative process
  • Engaging participants intensively in discussions, group exercises and individual working
  • Sharing and building on individual contributions to create a 'snowball of learning'
  • Undertaking qualitative and quantitative assessments of ideas against defined criteria
  • Capturing contributions in full electronically - in striking contrast to the 'flip-chart' approach which only captures incomplete bullet points which are open to misinterpretation
  • Offering real-time analysis - providing new inputs to inform later workshop sessions
  • Providing instant verbatim output, followed by our distilled synthesis to inform 'next steps'
  • Adopting a clear process with effective use of relevant Tools from our Toolkit
  • Ensuring expert management - from design, through facilitation, to analysis and reporting

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