Fusion - The New Game-Plan Approach

Our distinct advantage over other organisations which offer expertise, consultancy or training comes from a Fusion of KnowledgeFacilitation Services, a Practical Toolkit, and Supporting Technology.


Real Knowledge

We assemble a team of New Game-Plan specialists and consultants with capabilities matched to the specific needs of every assignment.


Our team provides:

  • Knowledge of the organisational context, based on our work with global companies, public bodies and stakeholder groups
  • Subject matter knowledge, especially in science, policy, farming and the food chain, the environment, and IT
  • Knowledge derived from senior positions held in diverse science and policy organisations
  • Knowledge which we pass on through the mentoring and training built into our services

Facilitation Services

We catalyse all stages from analysing needs to embedding capabilities. Our solutions are tailored to the specific need, never predetermined.

Key elements include:

  • Working with organisations to identify and specify their actual needs
  • Thinking through all stages of an assignment at the outset
  • Independence, integrity and impartiality
  • Powerful stimulation and constructive challenge
  • Selective and measured use of a Practical Toolkit and Supporting Technology
  • Using our facilitation techniques to embed learning through invigorating training sessions

A Practical Toolkit

We tailor classic approaches, such as 'Assess-Design-Embed-Support', to our specialist services. 


Our Toolkit includes:

  • Models: practical constructs from varied sectors and academia
  • Processes: descriptions of staged actions
  • Guidelines: best-practice tips
  • Templates: forms to be filled in as presented
  • Definitions: to clarify key terms
  • Exercises: to design and test ideas, structures and processes
  • Look-up Resources: reference materials
  • Communication Formats: to simplify and aid communication
  • Thinking Prompts: to aid discussion
  • Benchmarks: from exemplar sources
  • Measures: to help assess and track progress
  • Online surveys: to gather ideas and evidence
  • Software: e.g. to guide the realisation of innovations
  • Deliberative technology: to support our Brain-Pool Workshops

Supporting Technology

We use technology innovatively, but selectively, where it will add significant value. In some cases we pass on software tools to clients.


Our applications for Technology include:

  • Brain-Pool Workshops: delivering a step- change in collaborative working
  • Roadmapping: deliberating on drivers, actions, promoters and outcomes
  • Strategic change: generating, evaluating and mobilising options
  • Managing Innovation: collating, developing and clarifying ideas
  • Developing good practice: articulating lessons and planning how to embed them
  • Networking: analysing personal and organisational networks
  • Engaging Stakeholders: harvesting reactions to policy and research proposals
  • Knowledge Management: mapping and visualising interconnected ideas
  • Realising new technologies: providing tools to support structured development of innovative products and services